Scott Rumble was born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario where his earliest endeavours into music began with elementary school choirs. Since then, Mr. Rumble has collected credits that span musical theatre, operetta, oratorio, and opera, while honing his powerful tenor under the guidance of Torin Chiles and J. Patrick Raftery. 

In possession of impressive dramatic and linguistic facility, Mr. Rumble is committed to creating thorough, believable characterizations. He relishes the opportunity to take audiences on an emotional journey through meaningful, nuanced performances.

Scott Rumble, a tenor to keep an eye on, sang Ferrando's "Un' aura amorosa" with the requisite subtlety."

-Opera Canada, 2021

Scott Rumble was outstanding as Bacchus. From his sonorous first entrance leaping through a dressing room door to his dramatic wooing of Ariadne, Rumble tackled this famously difficult role with seemingly effortless vocal strength."

-Opera Canada, 2019   

Scott Rumble sang with Caruso-like clarity and excellent diction in Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (Yours is my Heart Alone), as well as shining in several ensemble pieces. This is a young man who enjoys the spotlight." 

-Summerland Review, 2018

Scott Rumble as Bacchus was stunning, with a strong stage presence and a voice that is going to make him a formidable heldentenor one day. He was in perfect control through his range and dynamics, his darkly burnished tenor reminding me of the young Jon Vickers."

-Vancouver Classical Music, 2017